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So What's New?

I've been hard at work creating the Frolic Game Framework and writing apps and games for Windows Phone. Check out Popper 2, the sequel to the popular Dr. Popper with more game modes, better graphics, and more.

Popper 2 was originally going to be an Xbox game on Xbox Live Indie Games but we were detoured by Windows Phone, the Xbox version is currently in development.

Dr. Popper Now on Xbox Live Community Games!

Hey Dr. Popper Fans! Dr. Popper is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games and it's only 200 points. If you like the Silverlight version you'll love the Xbox version with better graphics, background music, and all of the game modes you've come to love. You can find it here:

Dr. Popper on Xbox Live Indie Games

Game Development Tutorials

Looking to get started with writing games? We have the tutorials for you. For complete beginners, learn C# while writing games at XNA 101 .Net. If you're more interested in writing online web based games, take a look at Silverlight Games 101. If you have any suggestions for new tutorials, please drop us a line.

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