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Free Web Game - Dr. Popper

Hey Dr. Popper Fans! Dr. Popper is now available on Xbox Live Community Games and it's only 200 points. If you like the Silverlight version you'll love the Xbox version with better graphics, background music, and all of the game modes you've come to love. You can find it here:

Dr. Popper on Xbox Live Community Games

Dr. Popper is a free puzzle game similar to Bubblet, Jawbreaker, or Bubble Breaker. See below for rules and scoring.


Try out the different game modes on the Options screen each with their own strategies. MegaShifter is one of our favorites. See below for descriptions.

Each game mode has its own high scores. Traditional is getting pretty hard to beat, try one of the other modes.

Build groups of the same color and pop them. The bigger the groups, the higher the score. Scoring formula:

score = (bubbles popped + 1) X (bubbles popped - 1)


2 bubbles popped = (2+1) X (2-1) = 3
3 bubbles popped = (3+1) X (3-1) = 8
5 bubbles popped = (5+1) X (5-1) = 24
7 bubbles popped = (7+1) x (7-1) = 48

Notice how scores grow quicker the more bubbles there are.

High Scores

There are two types of high scores, local high scores on your computer, and all-time high scores. All-time high scores are stored on the server and everyone can see them. New all-time high scores are shown as (Name Pending) until we can make sure there are no bad words, etc. in them. Don't worry, your name has been stored and will be available soon.

Game Modes

  • Traditional: Bubbles shift as columns are cleared.
  • Continuous: Same as traditional, but empty columns are filled from the left.
  • Shifter: Any gaps in puzzle are filled by pieces shifting to the right.
  • MegaShifter: Combination of Continuous and Shifter.
  • Extreme: Megashifter with a lot more pieces for higher scores.
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