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Silverlight for Games?

Silverlight 2 is a great fit for game development because it runs a micro version of the Microsoft .Net Framework on the client inside the browser. This means fast code execution and access to many of the great supporting libraries you know and love. Silverlight has powerful support for vector graphics and text, and very nice data binding capabilities.

Silverlight Games 101 Tutorials

I have compiled an easy access list of my Silverlight Game Development tutorials here to help organize the material. More tutorials on the way, I have so many good topics I want to cover and not enough time to get to them all. There are also some older tutorials in the blog which I haven't updated yet, but they may still be useful. I'll be updating those as I have time and creating new posts which I will list here.

I also write about general Silverlight development topics at my Silverlight Brass Tacks blog.

Getting Started

Space Rocks Game (Asteroids Clone)

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